Vicenza Oak: Our Newest Egger Match

Doormark’s inclusion of Vicenza Oak marks a significant expansion in our textured 3DL offerings. Vicenza Oak, known for its rich texture and warm tones, adds a touch of sophistication to our collection of matches with Egger woodgrain TFLs. This addition not only broadens our range of design options but also caters to diverse consumer preferences, appealing to those seeking a natural, timeless aesthetic for their interior spaces.

Our new textured 3DL matches with Egger offer superior color and authentic wood patterns from one of the most state-of-the-art TFL plants in North America.

Other available Egger woodgrain matches, from left to right, include:

Black Havana Pine is a modern décor that displays a natural grain with an authentic tactile experience.

White Havana Pine is another a modern décor that displays a natural grain with an authentic tactile experience that pairs well with Black Havana Pine to create black-and-white contrasts.

Fox Grey Tossini Elm is a décor species that captures the growing popularity of elm for furniture design with an elegant and natural woodgrain structure, enhanced by a pearlescent base that provides depth to the pattern. Fox Grey is light cool gray with soft beige undertones, pairs nicely with both warm and cool gray woodgrains and solids.

White Tossini Elm displays a subtle color interplay that allows combinations with numerous solid colors.

Grey-Beige Tossini Elm, also popular for furniture, displays beautiful color play that looks great when combined with a variety of solid colors.

NOTE: Matched backs are available for all six Egger matches.

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